Our story:

Adoption-Share was founded by a social worker to help a system in dire need of reform. We believe that when the right tools are employed, comprehensive and systemic reform is achievable in the child welfare arena. Our team has tirelessly devoted our time, talents, and expertise to radically change the private and public adoption processes and create the tools needed to transform a broken system.

We now provide the most intuitive tools available today to the heroes on the front lines of the adoption process.

Adoption-Share is revolutionizing the private and public adoption process by providing cutting-edge technology to assist children, families, and helping professionals. Our network for private infant adoption has widely expanded the reach of adoptive parents, enabling families with a valid home-study to search for and find matches, sometimes achieving adoption in as little as six months. Adoption-Share has been proven to decrease the average wait for many adoptive parents by 18 months, while simultaneously empowering prospective adoptive parents with decision-making latitude for the first time in the history of private adoption. This is groundbreaking progress.

Our application to help families foster or adopt a child is flipping the script on the way placement decisions are made in the United States. Family-Match is a data driven application designed to promote placement stability through compatibility matching. We believe the first placement should be the only placement, and we are working to help child welfare workers all over the United States make better matches to ensure children and families win!

Adoption-Share is a 501(c)(3) organization that exists to leverage technology to bring reform, efficiency, and innovation to the private and public domestic adoption arena.